This is why you should choose Recruitio

It is crucial for successful recruitment that your recruiters are not buried in administration, but instead have the time to strengthen the dynamics such as culture, chemistry and the constantly changing circumstances that affect us all.

We offer an intuitive recruitment system with transparent prices, completely without binding or implementation costs.

In addition, we can also promise you that you save at least 5-10 hours per recruitment, whilst you are giving your candidates a professional and good experience.

In short, Recruitio puts a big smile on both the managers and recruitment consultants and the 8 most obvious reasons to smile we would like to share with you here:

8 good reasons to use Recruitio

  1. Save time
  2. The system works for both experienced and non-experienced
  3. System gives structure
  4. Digital tools and better results
  5. Candidates get professional experience
  6. Fast and very user-friendly!
  7. Digitalized proven methods
  8. Control of the GDPR

Save time

Save time and resources by digitizing as many manual processes as possible, as well as improving your results.

Online search

Create an online search process in 15 minutes and ensure it is aligned and documented – no need for long coffee meetings.

Structure and better results

Recruitio creates overview and transparency as to how the candidate match your search criterias.

Hire the best candidates without bias

Use well documented recruitment processes build upon the newest research to find the best candidate without using your natural bias.

Screen candidater online before you meet in person

Use video, structured screening questions, assessment and online cases, so you can easily select the most qualified candidates before they are invited to an interview

Get up and running Quickly. FREE onboarding

Recruitio is a cloud platform, that you can access whether on your Mac/PC, tablet or phone. Use our on-line guides or our support to get going.

Online references

Dont call in vain. One click and the references will upload their feedback to Recruitio.

Dokumentation and data

All your notes, documents and history are archived, so it is easily accessible while complying with the GDPR.


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