We have digitized well-documented recruitment processes in Recruitio, to make it easier for you to hire the right employee for the job.


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8 good reasons to use Recruitio

Save time and resources

Save time and resources by digitizing as many manual processes as possible.

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Recruitio is a user-friendly inuitive

Create an online recruitment process in 10-15 minutes, which will be shared on relevant job portals via few clicks.

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Structure and better results

Recruitio creates an overview and clarity on how your candidates match your search criteria.

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Hire the best possible candidates

Use the best well-documented processes to look after your candidates.

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It goes both ways – Impress your candidates!

Create a professional sales pitch in minutes with mobile friendly corporate and job presentations.

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Get started quickly and FREE

Get up and running in no time! Recruitio is hosted in the cloud – quick implementation and easy access from anywhere.

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No need to call the references

Collect references online and avoid spending unnecessary time coordinating with references, while also providing them the opportunity to submit their feedback at their convenience.

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Have all documentation in one place

Store all necessary documentation in one place, for present and future reference. You will also have your candidates’ approval of your storing their CV – ensuring you act in accordance with personal data laws.

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Recruitio makes it easy to gain an overview and a high quality in your recruitments

Attract the right candidates

Use our nice templates to develop a professional job-ad in your own brand in just few minutes.

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Get off to a good start

Use Recruitio to build online screening and evaluation criteria so you will get a strong field of candidates.

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Hold on to the good candidates

Keep your candidates informed throughout the process by using Recruitio so they get a good experience and remain motivated throughout the process.

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Save time by collecting online references

Let references add out information about your candidates in their own time while preparing the final selection of your new colleague.

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Hire the best candidates

With an overview of your candidates, you have the best prerequisites for hiring the best possible new employee.

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